Bumped into an Ascot Escort and fell in love with her

Sometimes love moves in mysterious ways, we never knew when or where it hits us. Whenever knew that the love of our life could be a stranger somewhere and suddenly we find ourselves looking for them. We don’t know how love works, but when it hits us, we won’t escape from it. Love is beautiful, and it gives us the reason to continue living. It provides us with the reason not to give up, and surrender. Love is beautiful especially if we have someone to makes us smile constantly. If we have someone to give us everything and help us go through life. Love is the reason why we strive hard and improve our lives every day. It is the reason why we make sure that our choice is not only for us but our partner. We become considerate, as well as it changes us to become a better person. We catch ourselves smiling for no reason, just the thought of them can make our day. Just the thought of them, make us inspired to continue the day with a smile, and love in our hearts. We saw ourselves imagining our future, happy and contented with the love of our life is everything. There are times in our life that we go through difficulties, but having someone, makes us feel secure and safe. Our partner will cheer us every time we get stumble in life; they help us to the right our mistakes. To have a right partner in our life is everything, we may pick the wrong ones, but at the end, we could have someone to reciprocate all the love we give before.

I have been in many relationships, and most of them failed. I blame myself as a failure, from studies, family and even love life. I think of my family hated me, well giving them bad grades and embarrassment, probably other parents would do the same. My dad used to beat me, and put in mind hurtful words about me. To relieve the pain, I go out and rebel even more. I have stopped my school and continue to become a headache. We live in Chicago, and for the first time, my family decided to send me to military uncle for disciplinary action in Ascot. I flew to London, and suddenly bumped into a woman, I already noticed her beauty and I was speechless. I say sorry and help her pick up her things. She is so lovely and accepts my apology. I keep thinking of her since then, day and night. I wish to see her again. I went to the park, and lucky to saw her. I introduced myself, and recall to her what happened. We have a discussion; and became comfortable easily. She is an Ascot escort from https://charlotteaction.org/ascot-escorts, and I fell in love with her.

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