Can You Have One Without the Other

Can you have enjoy good sex without food? It is silly to contemplate that you can enjoy good sex without good food. Would I give up sex? No, I would not want to give and I would not give up food. If I don’t have sex, I know that I would not be able to enjoy a good quality sex.

When you would like to enjoy a good quality sex life, it is just as important to eat well, as if you would like to enjoy any other physical activity. Before I start my cheap London escorts shift, I fuel up like an athlete. Believe me, when you work for a top class London escorts you need bags of energy to keep going all through the night.I am a great believer in natural food, and it is almost always the first thing that touches my lips in the morning. You need to be organised to eat well for cheap escorts, and I shop for fresh food to start the day with all of the time. This morning as soon as I opened my eyes, and managed to get my long legs out of bed, I headed straight for the kitchen. The first thing I had was a bowl of mixed berries, and then I enjoyed some oatmeal.

That will keep me going for at least a few hours at London escorts. Yes, I am a very physical sort of girl, and to keep that up, I do need to eat. Did you know that if you have vigorous sex, you can burn up just as many calories as you do during an aerobic session? Eating well before you go on a night, is going to make sure that you really enjoy that night. I only wish that the gents I date when I am on duty with London escorts felt the same way.

Most of them do not have healthy diets at all, and you can tell that when you go out on London escorts dates with me. Not all of them manage to keep up.Before I started to work at London escorts, I did not realise how important it is to eat well when you work at night. My first couple of weeks with London escorts were just exhausting, and it was during this time, I realised that I ate the wrong foods. Sugar does not give you energy, in fact, it does the opposite. But when I first got involved with escorting, I ate muesli and even chocolate bars to give me energy.

The problem is that sugar may give you a quick energy boost, but then it brings you down and makes you tired again. I have learned by my mistakes, and now I only eat for energy. It has made a huge difference to my night at London escorts, and if you feel in an energetic mood tonight, why don’t you come and burn off some of that energy with me

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