Do you believe in astrology?

Many of my gents at Guildford escorts from know that I am really keen on astrology. I am former ever reading their horoscopes and making predictions. They probably think that I am a little nuts, but some of them are coming around to the idea that astrology works. I am not sure that I get totally right all of the time, but most of the time I do get it fairly right. Furthermore, I am also rather good at guessing my gents astrology signs.
Did you know that Scorpio is the sexiest sign in the galaxy? A lot of my dates here at Guildford escorts are born under this sign and they do have a thing about sex. Many of them are totally addicted to things like porn movies and they in general seem to take an interest in the sexy side of life. Scorpio is also the sign which tends to be really into astrology and is the sign which suffers most commonly from sex addiction.
Then we have Leo. I can so easily tell when one of my gents here at Guildford escorts is a Leo.
Leo is the sign that loves grand gestures. My Leo gents are always buying me flowers and chocolates. One thing is for sure, Leo never give cheap presents. They love to surprise you with the best bottle of perfume or the best wine on a dinner date. I am sure that many girls here at the agency really do appreciate their Leo gents.
Aquarius is an interesting sign to date. Most of the Aquarius men that I have met here at Guildford escorts are really interesting gents. They are the ones who are most likely to be into fetishes and stuff like that. Some of them really like to indulge in new ideas and they are often very creative when it comes to role play. I love them and I think that they are very much fun to be with. You never know what is going to happen on a date with an Aquarius gent.
I am glad that I have an interest in astrology and I think it comes in really handy at Guildford escorts. Some of the gents are a bit reluctant to tell me what they enjoy. But, all I have to do is to ask them their zodiac sign. Once I have figured out that, I know that I am onto something and I take the date from there. Some of the other girls think that this is a crazy idea but if they were to try it, they would find that astrology can help them to create the perfect date. In all honesty I think that astrology has turned me into a very successful escorts. No one is after all reluctant to tell you their star sign and most of us are rather proud of our star sign. Next time you meet somebody, you should ask them what star sign they are, you may be surprised what you can learn.

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